August 28, 2009

Before you take off.

I don't know the polite way of saying goodbye. But, what I've ever known is, its hurt a lot. Frankly, I have to say that I'm gonna miss u very much and I want u to notice that before u went away. Even though only for 4 years, I hope its not going to change our friendship legacy.

As the saying goes, absence makes heart grows fonder. Hope that everything will be fine as we expected. Do miss me and I will miss u even more.

In this opportunity, I would like wish u best of luck in your study. Take care of yourself, take your medicines properly, befriend with those Chinese men but don't marry them okay! Lol.

So long and goodbye, my best friend, Syafiqah binti Osman.


muzhafar said...

she's going to china?
further her study in what course?
it's hard to let people that we care to leave us..but for the sake of her future, i think it is worth it :)
be strong my friend!

ian-xyme said...

yep, Beijing.
Education / mandarin language.

yes, i are right :)

btw, i heard that u are going to further your study abroad. when? what course?

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