November 30, 2008

Pak Ndak, get well soon. (2)

this noon, my mum called me and want to say something important about this unpredictable life.
so.. she talk and talk and talk until 1 part that i think i shall share with u all. she said, yesterday (saturday) theres a woman came to visit my uncle (pakndak). she was terribly shocked of what happen to my uncle. everybody just stood still and awkward of what she said.

so, my makndak asked her, what actly happen to her husband? the woman look deeply into my uncle eyes and suddenly she spoke very fast about the disease. she said ;

1. oh, dia nie sakit buatan orang nie. kalau ikutkan hospital mmg laa dorg akn ckp cancer.
2. oh, bkn org laen yg sihirkan dia. antara ahli keluarga jgkk ( tuuuutt)
3. oh, dia tuu kena sihir jenis menanam.
4. oh, penyihir tuu tanam satu benda (unknown) yg dibalut guna kain kapan diikat kedua² hujung pangkal.
5. oh, benda tuu dh lama dlm badan dia, kena berubat cepat nie.

then, she suddenly stopped. and , become normal back. she said, if needs a help just give her a call. she'll try to heal pakndak.

so, all the fellows surround got a new clue of what is actly happen to pakndak. and, they decided to take the woman, to heal pakndak tomorrow (today lah, sunday).

so, this morning, my uncles pick my dad and they all together will fetch the woman at the Alor Star, Kedah and bring her to heal pakndak at the Penang Hospital.

p/s : i hope she can heal pakndak back to normal.

ian's hope.

November 29, 2008

Pak Ndak, get well soon.

yesterday, around 0140 am as i was watching movie.. suddenly my dad came out from bedroom with the red eyes. i knew he exhausted, btw in the afternoon my mum's car was involved in an accident with the fucking bastard lorry driver. he settled down all the consequences and just having some rest.

he abruptly woke up bcoz he got a call from my pak su, told him that my uncle, pak ndak was at the end of his life. okay, my pakndak just fall sick in this 3 month and he has been suspected of having cancer. a new found cancer. and now hes suffering this illness and got a treatment from the Penang Hospital.

paksu said hes otw to fetch my untie ( makteh ) from the Taiping bus station. then he will pick abah. after 30 mins waiting for paksu, abah decide to go to the Penang Hospital alone. but, we (my mum and i) knew that he was extremely fatigue. its too dangerous for him to drive. but then..

mum : along, hg p bersiap lah! teman abah.

ian : ala maa.. nk usha movie nie sampai abes. nk abes dh...

Vvvrrooommmmmmm Vrrrrooommmm.. ( my dad's car )

mum : hey cepat lahhh

ian : ye. japp jappp

then , i rush to my room and get dressed. it just around 2 mins. woo

dad is already in the car waiting for me.. then he drove slowly till he stop at one point and called paksu..

dad : hg kt mana laa nie? dh amek Cik Amah (mak teh) ?

pak su : otw otw. jappg aku amek hg.. kita p skali .

then daddy said to me, " haa, xpa la. paksu dh otw. hg xpyh p laa.. teman mama. "

me? sighhhh.. i tot i could visit pakndak this nite. but, its okay. its better me to be at home. as my mum also didnt feeling very well. so, we went home and the movie just at the end. haihhh..
then i when to bed, until.. 0645 am. i got a call from abah . he wants me to go to the market as pakndak wants to eat nasi daging. he dont want my mum to go, bcoz she had migrain. so, i went to the market and bought the daging Batang Pinang to make the nasi daging.

and i just woke up, its already 1600pm. and my parent just went to visit pak ndak again.

p/s : pak ndak, get well soon. we miss u :(

ian miss his uncle.

November 28, 2008

What Really Happened: Nirvana/Guns N' Roses Clash At The 1992

So you live in Seattle, you used to play bass in a world-changing rock band, but these days you've got some time on your hands. What to do? Well, if you're Krist Novoselic of Nirvana, or Duff McKagan formerly of Guns N' Roses/currently of Velvet Revolver, the answer is clear: You blog for the Seattle Weekly. This week, Novoselic celebrated his first year of blogging by recapping the epic tale of the Nirvana/Guns N' Roses clash at the 1992 Video Music Awards.

You may remember the story: Axl Rose gets teased by Courtney Love backstage, and in response Axl steps to Courtney's husband, Kurt Cobain, to tell him to keep his lady in line. Words are exchanged! Axl challenges Kurt to get in the ring! And like every other similar challenge, it never happens.

Here's what does: Nirvana go onstage and play "Lithium," and the whole thing explodes into anarchy. Stage divers? Check! Novoselic tossing his bass 20 feet into air, failing to catch it and getting conked on the head? Check! Cobain and drummer Dave Grohl attacking their instruments? Check! It's an awesome example of what never happens on MTV anymore--but happens at M.I.A. shows all the time.

In his blog post, Novoselic talks about meeting McKagan backstage in '92, long before they were friends and blog-leagues ("I think Duff was also under the influence. He must have heard something from Rose and had a terse word for me..."), and he reveals which '70s rock god was in the green room waiting with some chilled medicine for his injury.

November 27, 2008

must watch this movie ; Quarantine 18PA

cool gila kot. ahaha. my friend and i went to the cinema around 1445 pm then, we check the movie that are available for us to watch.

ian : weyh, usha quarantine doh! yg laen lmbat lagi. kimak lah nk tnggu

anuar : erm.. aku ikut jaa! * smile :)

so, we agreed to watch quarantine. and it was about to start. so, we rush to the room no 1. as we enterd the room, and search for our seat, damn! there were couples there sitting in our place. so, we move to the other sit, and its fucking near to the screen :@)

the movie starts with the happy part * fucking bored! we want action! ahaha* .
Television reporter Angela Vidal (Jennifer Carpenter) and her cameraman are assigned to spend the night shift with a Los Angeles Fire Station. After a routine 911 call takes them to a small apartment building, they find police officers already on the scene in response to blood curdling screams coming from one of the apartment units. They soon learn that a woman living in the building has been infected by something unknown. After a few of the residents are viciously attacked, they try to escape with the news crew in tow, only to find that the CDC has quarantined the building. Phones, internet, televisions and cell phone access have been cut-off, and officials are not relaying information to those locked inside. When the quarantine is finally lifted, the only evidence of what took place is the news crew's videotape. everyone in this movie die horribly. serious shit. im scared to death. ahaha.

yeah. superb and cool. till now, i still remember every single horrid part of the story. 5 bintang beb! :D

ian, scared to death!

November 21, 2008

Talqeen' and the funeral

Nov 20th 2008

a new msg recieved ; weyy geng mak aku ningggal dlm pkul 9 pg td.

omg! i quickly call tht unknown number as i was woke up from dreaming. if im not mistaken it was at 2.30 pm.

ian : weyh sapa nie?

apis : aku nie, apis.

ian : apis mana?

apis : apis ahmad doh!

ian : oh okay okay. ang ktmana?

apis : kt kg dh nie.

ian : orite² . hg tunggu. japp g aku smpai!

i rushed to the loo and went to his house. it takes around 20 mins for me to reach there. phew.. when i reach at his house, there were many peps and relatives surround. it was a gloomy noon. seriously, i was very compassion. then i see apis, sitting with his cousin. he is still wearing the Politeknik Ungku Omar's t-shirt. and still.. tuck in.

ian : weyh ang okay dak? :( and he nodded slowly. yeah. i can feel the sorrow and pain hes facing at that time.

ian : cool lah pis. jgn la down sgt.

apis : yea. aku dlm cls td doh. mula² kakak aku cll, ckp mak tenat. pastu abg aku plak clling gtau suroh blik. aku pun slumber ah kuar drpd clss trus blik. masa tuu aku dh tau mak dh xdak doh. babi sedih!

ian : oh cool² weyh. mak sakit apa?

apis : demam besa je doh. dh 2 hari, tp pg td dy mcm lesu sgt. tgk² dh smpai waktu dy.

ian : oh. xpaa laa. nseb baek ang blik tiap² minggu. xde trasa sgt.

then, he asked me if i got a cigs. i said yes, i got. so we went to the backyard and smoke. but then, after half of his cigs, he gave back to me.

apis : weyh aku xlalu lah. tp nk je rokok.

ian : xpe. ang tgh daunt tuu. aku phm. aku phm.

then he entered the house to help his relative in order to manage the jenazah. hell. i was touched by the atmosphere. i was thinking what if im in his position? im the oldest, and i got a young sister. (3years old) wtf! seriously im not ready yet to face this. lucky him. he the youngest from seven other siblings. haihhs.

after donate some money, i could see my classmate nordin together with his dad coming. he told me that his mum already told him about this after he came back from extra class. (we do have an extra class that morning) after a few mins, my best buddy, annam comes. also from PUO came with my old friend ehsan. yeah, we chatted until the time for solat jenazah. hmm.. silent for while.

after tht, all of us together went to the graveyard. pheww. but, apis was very calm. real cool for the situation. then, i told annam that i wanted to see the 'hole' for the jenazah. so he do takes me to the hole. perghh. this is my first time and i can see it was very deep. " nie laa liang lahad, depaa gali dlm² pastu buat mcm 1 lg lubang nk letak mayat tuu" annam said to me.

after the funeral, i was really wanted to cry. as i put away all those stupid egos. then the imam start to read TALQEEN. everyones was muted. then doa and tahlil. i sit there around 45 mins. after its all done, i greet apis again. at the time, his face was very red. damn pity. after apis splash the roses and pandans water , we went to apis's house. apis and i was the last person who walked away from the graveyard.

it was already 6.30 pm. before i went back home, apis invited me to come to his house at night. it will be a kenduri arwah for 7days. oh, so i agree.

at night, i came to apis's house together with annam. then, we sit together and chat. apis looks fine and he was able to smile and laugh. idk y. but, maybe he don't want to show us how terrible his feeling are.

at 11.30 pm , annam and ehsan went back to PUO and i went to my house.

p/s : apis, be strong okay. for those reader, tolong bersama sedekahkan al-Fatihah kepada mak apis. (maimunah) sorry, idk whats her full name.

ian sympathetic. Nov 21st 2008

Chapter One

A new chapter to begin, to drive a new life. this blog has been manipulated to become a personal blog. Thank you.

ian-xyme. Nov 21st 2008